Very recently Bajaj launched two very interesting motorcycles in the 150cc segment which it prefers to call as ‘power-commuters’. We have tested both the bikini faired Discover 150S and the semi-faired Discover 150F siblings and the review is under works.


But just before that, let us share with you a quick price comparison of the motorcycles along with all its rivals here in India – Hero Achiever, Yamaha’s SZ twins as well as the Honda Unicorn.

Discover 150F & 150S vs SZ-S vs SZ-R vs Achiever vs Unicorn: Price Comparison

So, here is how they stand vis-a-vis pricing and this is really interesting…

Bajaj Discover 150 Price Hero Achiever Price Honda CB Unicorn Price Yamaha SZ Price
Three variants (ex-Delhi) One variant only (ex-Delhi) One variant only (ex-Delhi) Two variants (ex-Delhi)
150S Drum 52,030 Achiever 58,785 CB Unicorn 63,294 SZ-S 59,500
150S Disc 55,030 SZ-RR 62,500
150F 59,034

Bajaj has priced the base variant of the motorcycle (150S drum) so low that not only it becomes the cheapest 150cc motorcycle in India, its price also undercuts a lot of 125cc motorcycles we have! Even the faired 150F, which is the most expensive Discover, is very close to the Hero Achiever, which is the second cheapest motorcycle in this entry 150cc segment!

New-Discover-150F-Pics (13)

The other options you have here are the Yamaha’s SZ siblings, lesser of which SZ-S is slightly higher in price than faired Discover. Discover 150F is also the only motorcycle in this list which comes with a semi-fairing.

Honda’s CB Unicorn is the most expensive motorcycle; it’s around twelve thousand rupees more expensive than the cheapest motorcycle in this arena, while it’s around 4+ thousand rupees dearer than the costliest Discover, the 150F. We will also share a spec-comparo of these motorcycles to help you gauge how do they stand against each other on paper.

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  1. Unicorn has a strong and refined heart (read engine) with outdated features…new discovers are delicious deals on pen and paper but are yet to face the test of time…can these be compared on the same platform????

  2. Unicorn is the oldest wisest contender worth it’s weight in 24carats gold. Feels like it is carved out of a single block of rock. Its a niche vehicle standing tall above all these el cheapos, which is why it is still selling despite being the oldest one. A steed it really is.

    • 100% agree engine of unicorn is heart of bike, i am running 25000 km still with out replacing single nut bolt .. i agree feature is old, but heart is totally strong face any situation

      that why its still in demand and on second hand you get the good price even after year after year but after 2 years discover ….!!! nothing remain left to discover

  3. How long will it take to discover for bajaj the art of refinement and longevity, Unicorn is an gem of motorcycle only let down by ASS.

    • agree with kusmaker… pls do not compare Unicorn and Xtream bikes with Babaja bikes. these both bikes are of the smoothest bikes in India. Bajaj discover bikes comes and goes and the upcoming discover 150cc bike is an 13 model in discover segment. y simple quantity without quality.

  4. The Unicorn is a very refined machine, however it needs a makeover from Honda. Bajaj motorcycles lack what it takes to stand the test of time, courtesy low quality of spares and pathetic after sales service.

  5. first of all we indian are so fool … we always get attracted to the outer look
    we least bothered to go the quality of the product …
    i have used 5 series of bajaj bike
    from bajaj chetak, bajaj 4s champion, bajaj ct 100, bajaj discover 100dtsi & bajaj discover 150
    and finally i took CB unicorn………..
    well journey is started now ………..
    really true pleasure to go for long drive with Honda where bike talk with the nature & wind
    so smooth gear transmission and after changing gear you get the feel of speed for on another gear .. where bajaj no such feel except engine vibration ..
    we must see the quality .. not the quantity .. bajaj is giving same engine with the change in outer part of the body where Honda is Honda
    well i suggest every one we all should go to quality of the product ..
    again i am not saying bajaj is not so bad and Honda is good..
    But… Bajaj is indian company we should support to grow so indian money will come to india only .. but if bajaj is not going to support in quality then who will go to Bajaj
    one more thing i notice
    there are ample nos of service center for Bajaj ….but there are hardly few for Honda Service

  6. Owner of 2007 Unicorn.. 70K km done.. nothing has changed in engine, not even clutch plates.. Gives me same joy of riding as it has given me when i bought it. Hats off to Honda..


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