Price Difference Between Xtreme Sports & Xtreme Reveal Hero’s Confused! List of 8 Differences

It is abundantly clear that Hero is slowly dying in the 150 cc segment. We have often reported that despite the presence of four (now five) variants, it is one of the lowest seller in the Bajaj-ruled segment. To catapult sales, they introduced Xtreme facelift last year, only to follow it up with Xtreme Sports earlier this year…

It appears that there is some confusion among our readers regarding the regular Xtreme facelift and the new Xtreme Sports. This article is to clear that out by listing the differentiators and now that we know the prices, we also update it up to understand what is the company upto…

In terms of cosmetic differences, the Xtreme Sports look better and slightly more puffed up for a rugged feel as compared to the Xtreme facelift.

Regular Xtreme and Xtreme Sports are two different motorcycles which are sold simultaneously at two different price points.


Differences between Xtreme & Xtreme Sports

So, here is what the Xtreme Sports gets in addition…

Minor bits

  • Different headlight assembly (thankfully)
  • Elongated tank scoop with ‘Sports’ written on it
  • Different side and rear cowl and overall styling
  • Added engine guard
  • Split Seats
  • Exhaust with a different design
  • Xtreme Sports get a full chain cover. Xtreme is offered with a half cover.
  • Instrument cluster in both the motorcycle is different.
  • Difference in dimensions – Xtreme Sports is 40mm longer, 15mm wider and 65 mm shorter than Xtreme. It also weighs 1 kg more.

Biggest Change

Apart from the cosmetic changes we have mentioned above, the single biggest difference is the enhanced power output – While the current Xtreme produces 14.2 bhp of power, the upcoming Xtreme Sports churns out 15.2 bhp of power, 1 bhp more , however, both peak at the same 8500 rpm. Xtreme Sports also churn out 0.7 Nm of higher torque (13.5 Nm for Xtreme Sports & 12.8 Nm for Xtreme) at 7000 rpm (500 rpm higher than regular Xtreme.

Price Difference

Both the motorcycles are offered in two variants, with the rear disc brake variant going for a premium. Here is the price comparo…


With this we come to the meat of the matter. Look at the table above and raise your hand if you will still go for the regular Xtreme? We do not see many hands raised….

Rs 700 is all what separates these two motorcycles and for that extra on the Sports, you get more power, higher torque, a few cosmetic enhancements and an overall better looking machine. Why will you go for the Xtreme?

Frankly we could not understand the positioning of both these motorcycles. Either there should have been a sensible difference between these two motorcycles or Hero wants to reciprocate the 100 cc ploy here as well where they have flooded the market with tons of variants of same motorcycles at a difference of every 100 rupees.

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Or, they are on the verge of discontinuing the regular Xtreme to let the Sports variant, which has a better chance to survive the competition, breathe free. Honda recently discontinued the older Unicorn 150, after they launched the more powerful 160cc variant. Or, they are confused…