Old Unicorn 150 Officially Discontinued; No More Showcased on the Website

There was a speculative report back in March which claimed that Honda has discontinued the older Unicorn 150 from the market and a quick check at the official website confirms that the older Unicorn has finally given way to the new, more powerful Unicorn 160.

Honda’s website no more displays the CB Unicorn at the front page and the overall website has also been refreshed. Thank you Honda for that as your older website was possibly the most irritating one among all the major two wheeler manufacturers. It was annoying red!

Another bit that confirms that Honda is no longer shipping the older Unicorn 150 is the latest SIAM sales report we have received. The official sales report only lists one Unicorn and that has to be the new 160 (although it lists it under the 125-150cc category!).


CB Unicorn is, however, still displayed at Unicorn 160’s page which appears to be an error! The standalone page of Unicorn also exists (which erroneously also lists prices of Dazzler!)…

The axing of old Uni was an expected move since Unicorn 160 is essentially a more powerful Uni 150 and ends up targeting the same set of more mature buyers around or over 28-30 years of age, who use motorcycles for pure commuting purposes majorly.


Honda has been super successful in scooters, decently successful in entry level motorcycles but the 150cc segment has been a hard nut to crack. Its sales depended on the older Uni and now the baton has been forwarded to the bigger sibling. Dazzler (now discontinued) and Trigger have failed to add a push to their 150cc sales tally.

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Its time Honda offers a sportier 150/160cc like Gixxer to make an impact in this segment.