Classic 350 ‘Gangster’: The Real Gangster is Here!

Pune based Reddy Customs has made this Classic 350 Gangster custom motorcycle which looks brilliant. We share its pics & discuss!

When it comes to custom bikes, Royal Enfield is one of the most popular brands across India. In fact, the company actively supports custom designers as well. This has meant that many start-ups and established customisers across the country try their hands on modifying various REs to the best of their imaginations!

The latest one to catch our attention is this custom design by a Pune based company called Reddy Customs. The company has been redesigning several vehicles, including some popular cars like the Maruti Suzuki Swift, Volvo XC40, etc. The company has even designed a 7-crore custom vanity van for Telugu (Tollywood) actor Allu Arjun.

Now, it has custom-designed the highly popular Royal Enfield Classic 350, which it refers to as Gangster; and gangster it looks!!!

The Classic 350 Gangster is a remarkable transformation and it simply looks eye-catching, with subtle hints of Harley Davidson and Husqvarna! That usage of orange and grey accentuates the overall styling.

The bobber-styled single seater gets fatter knobby tires, dense rear spoke wheels, disc brakes at both the front and rear ends. Apart from that, the new round LED headlamps make it look bolder, and those chrome-finished mirrors give it a classic touch. The motorcycle also has a short and stubby exhaust, which gels well with the overall design!

…And Meteor 350 Spotted Again

If you like the Gangster, you can contact them from the official website.

Classic 350 Gangster Custom Pics

Classic 350 gangster

Presenting Royal Enfield “KAMALA”

Classic 350 gangster

SPIED: Is That Royal Enfield HUNTER…?

Classic 350 gangster

-Moin Ahmed