SURPRISE! TVS CEO Confirms BMW’s First 300cc Bike Launch This Year

This news snippet did sure catch us up unawares! It is now known that the first product coming out from TVS-BMW alliance, which is one of the most watched automotive partnership in the country, is a 300cc bike.

TVS-250cc-Draken-pics (10)

And according to the last report, it was expected to hit the streets towards the end of 2015 at the earliest. In a very surprise note published at Economic Times, the newspaper has quoted TVS President & CEO K N Radhakrishnan who has reportedly declared that the TVS-BMW collaboration’s first product will be out… yes get a place to sit…in the second half of 2014 ie within this year!!!

This comes as a shocker and unless there is something between the lines, it simply means that TVS BMW’s first 300cc bike will be launched within this year itself. This declaration comes on the same day when the company announced a 10 per cent growth of sales volume.

TVS-Draken-250cc-pics (3)

Now, if this was a slip of the tongue or the news correspondent misunderstood something, we do not know, but if TVS-BMWs first bike makes it to the roads this year, it will be a blasting news for sure… We just will not have only KTM, Bajaj and Hero in competition, TVS-BMW may join the frame soon…


*Here is the screenshot of the news snippet from Economic Times

The collaboration between the Indian motorcycle manufacturer and German auto giant was signed in April last year. TVS aims to get expertise in making higher capacity motorcycle segment, while BMW stands to get the small capacity know-how as well as proficiency of the Indian market condition.

We are glued to the developments and let’s see if this sneaking bit holds any meaning. By the way featured on this page is the Draken concept which TVS showcased at the Auto Expo. Check out its first impressions with pics here.

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