CBR250RR Whacks Top Speed of 179 km/h; Beats R25 Comfortably in New Updated Power Figures

It appears that the most compelling quarter liter in the world today, Honda CBR250RR, was given to select media in Indonesia which has revealed some interesting details about it along with a revised power output which takes it clearly ahead of its chief rival Yamaha R25!

First let us talk about the official specs and the hype surrounding its power output. Earlier, from a leaked image, it was revealed that CBR250RR produces 36.8 PS of peak power and 22.5 Nm of maximum torque (you can read that report here). However, as per Honda’s official Indonesian website which has been recently updated, the motorcycle churns out higher¬†38.7 PS of power at 12500 rpm and 23.3 Nm of torque at 11000 rpm.


So, this puts to rest all claims by some in favour of Yamaha R25! The CBR with double ‘R’ beats the R25 by a fair margin in terms of both (on-paper) power and torque – 2.7 PS & 0.7 Nm to be precise! However, the 24 Nm single cylinder KTM RC250 continues to be the torque king though by a wafer thin margin. Now that we have sorted the official power figures, let us move to its top speed.

According to Otomotif.com (who have tested the motorcycle), the speedo-indicated top speed which they could attain on a one kilometre long stretch was 179 km/h at 12,500 which also happens to be its peak power rpm. They reveal that the rev-limiter kicks in at 14,100 rpm and had there been a longer stretch the motorcycle had some juice left to cross that 180 km/h. As a proof, they have also shared the following image…


CBR250RR Top Speed & Max Speed in Each Gear

They have also recorded per gear top speeds which are as follows….

  • Gear 1 – 66 km/h
  • Gear 2 – 101 km/h
  • Gear 3 – 123 km/h
  • Gear 4 – 150 km/h
  • Gear 5 – 171 km/h
  • Gear 6 – 179 km/h

We obviously do not have these latest 250 ccs in India so we have to bank on the top speed claims available on the internet and as we can see all of them have top speeds (claims) ranging from 170 km/h to 180 km/h. For a comparison, a true speedgun-tested top speed will only reveal which one is faster but we have real hopes from the CBR250RR, which again Honda India is not interested in bringing to India and its not ironical either!

All they have got for us is this CBR250R Repsol Edition done on a two-generation old model!

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