CB500X Price: Bikers Troll Honda on Every Social Media Post

Unrealistic CB500X price tag has not only attracted trolls but it has also meant that sales remain tepid for what could have been a blockbuster…

There is not even an iota of doubt that everybody was waiting for Honda’s 500 series in India – specially the CB500X – which is the ADV version of this platform.

Without creating a lot of noise, Honda announced its arrival in India, leaving may surprised. With its eventual launch, things (read itches) should have calmed down, right?

Wrong! Because for some reason, Honda priced the mid-sizer at atrocious levels of Rs 6.87 Lakh ex-showroom, making the 45 PS bike an 8 Lakh affair on the road. You get a lot bigger and more powerful motorcycles at that price in India. Direct rivals are not thousands, but lakhs of rupees cheaper!

cb500x price

This, naturally, is a heart-breaker for many and quite clearly a big loss for Honda! This has also meant that bikers have started trolling Honda on its social pages. In fact, on every CB500X promotional post, you can see bikers commenting about the ridiculous price tag! Here are some of the responses…

On the above post, Suraj Bhandari commented

Totally agreeHonda ….let us k how many u sold in india …..T NATION WANTS TO K ….rather price it close to Gold wing better I suppose ….u lost minimum 200 nos within mumbai it’s self

Singh Noni replied to this post

Suraj Bhandari they lost me sure as a customer. 5 Lacs and they’d not have to hire silly PR guy

Here is an earlier post…

On this, here are a few comments…

Prashant Balgi-

Nonsense pricing, no focus on customer of big bikes, only concern is activa sales. Honda you make us laugh with your nonsense. Go sell activas and cb350s

Rohan Tikhe-

Fix the price and you don’t have to waste time on Facebook

Shah Alam-

Worst on price

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Here is another post by Honda and following that are some of the responses..

Mangesh Tendulkar-

Do something about the exorbitant pricing of this otherwise a marvelous machine. Currently it costs a fortune 😢

Suraj Bhandari-

This bike could have been a milestone in india …. But HONDA made it a stone that no one wants to pick up …..even diamond sells if it has a proper price tag ….but Honda made it t most expensive diamond in India ….don’t waste money on ads….

Not that there are just people cribbing about it only on social! Even the sales of the motorcycles are very dismal, so far (check them here)! This is a clear case of killing a golden goose by pricing it ridiculously high.