User Ownership Review of Hero Hunk

FZ vs Hunk – Prinoy Chose Hunk: User Review (Top Speed, FE, Maintenance)

User Review Hero Hunk by Prinoy Phalgunan... Hey folks... My name is Prinoy Phalgunan and I ride a Hunk! I don't think there's a better way to introduce myself to all the bike enthusiasts out...

Hero Honda Hunk Ownership Review by Dinesh

Hi, I am Dinesh from Chennai and I am a mechanical Engineer technically. This review is very special for me since it is my first review about my first bike. I will try to...

Hero Honda Hunk Review by Rakesh Patel

We have read endless reviews which depict passion of the writer towards their machines. Some reviews have joyfully made us smile, giving us a glimpse of how would it be to actually own the...

Hero Honda Hunk Ownership Review by Pratap

Hello everyone, I’m Piyush Pratap, 24 years old, from Agra. I’m currently working as Software engineer in Hyderabad. This article is not really a review of my bike but it’s actually my wonderful experience...


Street Triple S Video Review

2018 Triumph Street Triple S – Impromptu Video Review

Our Road Test Editor, Shiraz, was with the lightest (166 kg dry) Street Triple S recently and while he is getting ready with a...

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