‘Quality Over Quantity’ – BSA Plays Down Comparison with Royal Enfield

BSA vs Royal Enfield – this is a big battle brewing up specially in the UK – the home market for BSA. Will the Gold Star be a worthy rival against Interceptor…?

Classic motorcycle makers are having a gala time with a renewed interest from not only in India but in a lot of countries across the world. Royal Enfield – which is a champion of this segment – was considered too-basic a brand when we talk about the international perspective. However, it has been gaining a significant ground in many markets – including the UK.

In the UK, its Meteor 350 and Interceptor 650 often feature in the largest selling motorcycles in a month. With the resurrection of the iconic BSA Motorcycles by Classic Legends (a company owned by India’s Mahindra), its comparison with Royal Enfield is inevitable. BSA has decided to re-start its operations from its origins and the first product that is soon going to reach dealerships will be the Gold Star.

Gold Star carries a 650cc motor and has similar specs as Royal Enfield’s Interceptor 650 but it is priced slightly higher (check Gold Star’s price & details here). Buyers considering mid-capacity retro classics in the UK (and many other countries) will definitely be comparing both the options.

BSA Gold Star is ready to hit the UK market and it will definitely compete against the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650..

However, when asked about this by a UK media portal, Anupam Thereja, Classic Legend’s co-founder, plays it down by making a very interesting comment that BSA will adopt ‘quality over quantity’ approach. He elaborates that instead he wants to broaden the segment and has a decade-long view.

I don’t think it is a like-for-like comparison [with the Interceptor 650]. I think the responsibility of BSA is to expand the market if we can, that’s a broader objective. I’m taking a decade’s view of this.

This clearly suggests that BSA may not want to be playing a volumes game against Royal Enfield and it may even be okay for the brand to have a smaller share of the pie.

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In the UK, BSA may find it relatively easier to justify the Gold Star’s price point (against the twin cylinder Interceptor 650), however, it will definitely be a big ask here in India. But then, BSA is in no hurry to sell its products here – despite producing them in India.

Coming back to Thareja’s ‘quality’ comment – has the company taken an indirect dig at Royal Enfield – which has seen a fair share of quality issues in the past with its products, specially the first-generation Himalayan…?