BSA GoldStar 650 Availability And Test-Ride Timeline Revealed

BSA have shared the latest timeline of when test-rides of BSA GoldStar will begin… No plans still of the retro coming to India…

So, ever since Classic Legends announced the revival of the BSA brand and unveiled the resurrected GoldStar 650, there has been a wave of hype and anticipation built up amongst the young and the old bikers in the European region. 

Since December of last year, most of the enthusiasts have been asking only one question – When will the test-rides begin and when can the GoldStar 650 be available for purchase. 

We reported last month that the launch of the bike has been further delayed by 3 months. The new report stated that the resurrected GoldStar 650 will hit the showroom floors by June of this year and the test-rides were set to begin by this month. 

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However, the latest update is now informing us that the test-ride timeline has changed a little. 

According to the latest reports, BSA is still on track to start delivering the 650 retro bike from the month of June 2022, but the European bike fans have to wait a little longer to swing their leg over the GoldStar. The company has shared that the test rides of the bike will begin only after the supply and dealership issues are dealt with. 

So, the latest the prospective customers of the GoldStar 650 can test-ride the bike is after the availability of the bike, which will begin in the month of June. Additionally, it is at this time-period that the !edia will also get their hands on this retro bike to share their impressions with their audience. 

As for us bikers of India, we still have to wait a long while to see the GoldStar 650 hit our shores and thump on our roads.