Single Cylinder: BSA’s 650cc Engine Details Revealed

New BSA 650cc engine details suggest that the company is following a conservative path, however, touted power/torque figures are not bad!

Mahindra owned Classic Legends, which started its operations around 2016, has already resurrected its first brand Jawa. Another iconic brand Yezdi is getting ready and has probably reached the road testing stage. Following these two, will be the third and the most premium moniker of the lot – BSA.

BSA was a very renowned maker in the UK and was a direct rival against Triumph and others many decades back. Its revival is being waited with bated breath and Classic Legends, which holds the rights to use this tag, is at the advanced stages of its introduction.

Only recently it was revealed that the first BSA will sport a near 650cc engine. That made everyone believe that it would most likely be a twin cylinder motor. However, a big surprise has come in.

Autocar reports that BSA’s 650cc motor will be a single! Now that is extremely interesting! Why wouldn’t BSA want to get into the multi cylinder domain is not known. And why this is surprising is because BSA will not be a built-to-cost brand and do not expect it to cost cheap as well.

BSA 650cc engine
Pic of BSA Rocket 3 for illustration. Expect upcoming BSA to follow ‘Retro’ styling…

Power and torque figures are speculated to hover around 50 hp and 50 Nm respectively which are almost at par with various other multi cylinder motors of this class.

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Another word that the publication claims is that this motor will be paired with a 5-speed gearbox, just like the W800 and Street Twin. Whether it will get an air cooled system or a liquid cooled one is not known at this point.

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So, here we are with what could be a downer for some. However, considering Jawa’s first products, we are hopeful of BSA also justifying its re-birth.

Source – Autocar