BS4 Deadline Earlier Than 31 Mar in Some States: SIAM Knocks SC Against This Decision

A lot is happening in India, and the world! Apart from the political turmoil, we have the Coronavirus scare which is changing the dynamics of how we work and live! Various governments have shut down schools, colleges, gyms and many such institutions to prevent the spread of the disease. And while we are at this, the already-in-tatters auto industry is looming over another big scare – the upcoming deadline to sell BS4 compliant vehicles.

The Supreme Court’s mandated last date to liquidate the BS4 stock is 31st March 2020. Dealers association FADA went to the top court of the country for an extension in this date which the SC turned down.

And if that was not enough, many state governments have issued circulars about their individual ‘last dates’ till when they will allow registration of BS4 compliant vehicles. These dates range from 29th February 2020 to 25th March 2020 (as we have shared few days back here), much ahead of the SC’s deadline.

Rajan Wadhera – President SIAM has seeked that all states should adhere to 31st March as the last date of sale and registration of BS4 vehicles…

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This has worried the auto bodies as there are reports that there is a significant chunk of dealers which are sitting on a big pile of BS4 stocks. To ensure the original deadline is honored by all the states and that the manufacturers and dealers get sufficient time to liquidate their stock, SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) has filed an application with the Supreme Court. It demands SC to ensure that sale and registration of all BS4 vehicles be allowed till the cut-off date of 31st March 2020.

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The press note released by the association says that the state circulars are ‘much ahead’ of the original date and have put the dealers, customers and vehicle manufacturers in ‘severe’ discomfort. It reiterated that these entities are already racing against time to exhaust the BS4 stocks lying with them.