Breaking: One Day Before Launch, ‘BMW G 310 RR’ Fully Revealed!!

BMW G 310 RR leaked video shows the new bike from all angles… BMW will officially launch the sportbike on July 15…

While we are waiting for the new BMW G 310 RR to make its debut tomorrow (July 15), a walkaround video leaked on social media has completely revealed the sportbike. 

The BMW G 310 RR units have started reaching dealerships, and one of these units has been captured on camera from all angles. 

Upcoming BMW G 310 RR Bike Revealed Completely Through Leaked Walkaround Video

Thanks to an online portal’s Instagram, we have on our hands a small walkaround video which completely reveals one of the colour schemes of the upcoming sportbike. 

The G 310 RR captured on the video is sporting the White paint scheme, contrasted with Red & Blue graphics similar to the bigger supersport models. 

One unique addition to the standard White paint scheme is the use of Black stripes. Earlier when this paint scheme was teased, we explained that the word ‘Race’ below the RR moniker and the use of dark stripes are directly inspired by the BMW HP4 Race track monster, which is such a beast that it can’t be used on the roads legally. 

Looking at the previous teasers and the images captured from the walkaround video, it is easily understood that the new G 310 RR is a rebadged TVS Apache RR 310 sport bike currently on sale. The overall supersport design, the sharp lines & tail-section, the dual-LED headlights, the vertically oriented TFT display, all the features are the same as the TVS’ sportbike. 

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The BMW badge and the BMW wording are prominent on either side of the fairing. There are RR moniker graphics fixed on the top of the fuel tank, sporting the Red & Blue colours of the livery. 

There are some whispers floating surrounding the use of the ‘Race’ moniker on the fairing of the G 310 RR. These whispers suggest that there could be multiple variants on offer for the new sportbike from BMW. Since in one teaser adjustable suspension was shown, speculations are high that this and other premium features such as adjustable levers and aggressively-set footpegs could be offered on a premium variant. 

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However, we think if BMW does take this route, they might offer these premium offerings as a separate package for the bike which can be optioned out either during the purchase or post-purchase of the sportbike. ‘M-package’ maybe??

The BMW G 310 RR is set to officially launch tomorrow (July 15). Definitely, it will be carrying a hefty premium over the current bike it is based on. 

We are expecting the new G 310 RR to be priced around Rs. 1.90 Lakh (ex-showroom, India). It will directly be competing with the new Kawasaki Ninja 400, KTM RC 390 and, obviously, TVS Apache RR 310. 

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