Speculation: Bigger Jawa 350 Coming Soon

Bigger Jawa 350 launch very soon according to a speculative report. This variant will have a better chance against Royal Enfield’s Classics & other rivals…

So, it appears everybody is after Royal Enfield’s market share. But frankly, while other makers have different segments to play in, Classic Legends is strictly into the same classic, retro motorcycle genre. However, like others, it has also not been able to do any big time damage to the the Chennai-based rival – that is very close to selling massive 8 Lakh units this year!

But the good thing is that we are getting more and more options and people who love leisure riding will be a pleased lot. In its bid to continue building its portfolio, Classic Legends is preparing a bigger version of its Jawa. It must be noted that Classic Legends has the 293cc single cylinder engine and its derivative 334cc version that is already found in a few bikes.

jawa 350 launch
Perak already adorns the same 334cc engine. That same motor will go to the bigge Jawa 350…

According to a speculative report, up next, the Jawa (standard model) will get this same, bigger motor and obviously more firepower. Currently, this motor churns 30.64 PS of peak power and 32.74 Nm on the Perak – the company’s bobber model. The Jawa 350 is expected to have very similar specs, however, there may be a minor tuning difference to suit the Jawa’s laidback image.

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Another interesting pointer to pay heed to is the naming. With a 350 suffix added to Jawa’s branding, the motorcycle will have a better chance of rivaling the Classic 350 and other models that play in this arena.

In terms of pricing, the current Jawa costs Rs 1.81 Lakh for the single channel ABS variant and about Rs 2 Lakh for the dual channel ABS trim. That means that Jawa does not have a big room to place its bigger model. A smart move could be to offer the 293cc Jawa in the single channel ABS trim only and the bigger Jawa 350 can be sold with dual channel ABS as standard – at around Rs 2.0-2.10 Lakh – all prices ex-showroom. Launch can be expected very soon…