Duke 690/790 Indian Launch NOT Planned: 390s to Remain Flagship [Official]

There have been rumours about the possible entry of bigger Dukes in India like the Duke 690 or some fantasising blog may even tell you one day that the all-new Scalpel is also coming.

BUT, completely quashing any possibility Mr Amit Nandi, VP, Probiking (responsible for selling KTM motorcycles in India), has said that eventually they will bring in the bigger KTMs into India but right now they have no plans at all. He also hinted that they are not even considering thinking in that direction.

He elaborated that they would want the market to evolve first. They will not launch a product and sell it here without infrastructure. They will want to do justice to it by offering proper service (spares) etc…

It must be known and understood that Dukes (and RCs) till 400 cc are manufactured here in India which is one of the biggest reason of their aggressive price tags. The bigger Dukes, if and when, they will be introduced in India, may not have that advantage and at higher price tags, there will not be many takers of these mid-capacity motorcycles.

790 Duke Scalpel concept – Click on the image to view production variant spy pics

In fact, it could be understood vice versa – because of lower volumes of these bigger capacity motorcycles, manufacturing them here in India may not be viable and hence due to the lack of advantage of attractive price tags, they may not be stellar sellers (like the 390s) and hence bringing them here may not be a very good business idea at the moment.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is – the bigger Dukes (and other KTMs) are not even being considered for India at the moment and going by the words used, it appears that it will take them couple of years or even more before they consider them for our market!

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