Bajaj V15 Sold 1.6 lakh Units so Far; Future Plans Explained

The brand Bajaj has come a long way from being a small third world scooter manufacturer. Moving away from a comfortable scooter business to a motorcycle centric one required a lot of guts. It is 2016 now and Bajaj is in a very different position. The Pulsar has been the largest selling brands in the sports segment (as per Bajaj) and the sky is now the limit. Possibly even beyond that!

Sales have been encouraging but they have the potential to better. In the second quarter of the present fiscal the company sold 2.51 lakh units of CT 100 and Platina brand. They have another launch planned in the segment with which they hope to further strengthen their share.


If we continue to talk about bread and butter models, the new introduction, V15 has been a great success. Ever since it was launched, the bike has recorded total sales of 1.6 lakh units! Now that’s quite a feat. However, the brand has slowed a bit. If the first quarter saw sale of 99k units, the recently concluded one saw 61,000 units being sold. The V brand will also be boosted with a new product soon.


The Pulsar and the new Avengers have been giving Bajaj some good reason to shout out loud. Sales figures in the last quarter stood at 2.31 lakh units. That’s a growth of 28 percent on a year on year basis. Rajiv Bajaj has also hinted that the new Pulsars are set to hit the streets before December. These are expected to gain significant changes in terms of visual appeal and performance.


Apart from all these, Bajaj is also set to launch the Kratos soon. Essentially based on the Pulsar CS400 concept from 2014 Auto Expo, the bike will be powered by the mill borrowed from KTM 390s. Of course, it will be tuned up a bit to fit Bajaj’s needs. The idea of a power cruiser seems very encouraging and can be a major crowd puller for Bajaj, especially when they segment is practically being born.

The brand Bajaj has a lot standing on its upcoming products. Can it rise up to the occasion?