Bajaj-Triumph Deal: Official Sign Off on 24 January

Bajaj-Triumph deal will spawn mid-size motorcycles which will be sold by both the makers under their respective monikers in the world…

After a long wait, business deal between Bajaj Auto of India and Brit Triumph will be signed this month. Bajaj has sent out official invites to the media for an event on the 24th of January. The press event will see the presence of Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto and Nick Bloor, head of Triumph Motorcycles.

On this official signing day, Bajaj is expected to reveal new details about their plans and details of what the duo is working on.

At this point of time, it is known that the first prototypes have been developed and in fact, Triumph has also conducted their early testing. The first products are touted to be mid-size motorcycles around the 500cc capacity.

Bajaj-Triumph deal

Bajaj-Triumph Update – Early Testing of Prototypes Conducted But…

Triumph will gain the expertise and low cost manufacturing capability of Bajaj and in return Bajaj will get the technical proficiency of Triumph under this no-equity partnership. Bajaj and Triumph are expected to work out different models on this platform and the eventual models will be sold in different parts of the world under respective brands.

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Despite this latest development, we do not expect the first product(s) to be launched anytime soon. The first prototypes may be out on the streets testing probably next year, with an eventual debut sometime in 2022.