Unlike TVS, Bajaj Says – ‘Won’t Enter Racing’ & The Reason Is…

Wanting to see Bajaj racing its motorcycles across various events? Or Bajaj’s Cars? Here is a big no to both of these ideas…

Our Indian motorcycle manufacturers – Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor, etc are making us proud by dishing out some brilliant, world-class products. The technical expertise can simply be understood by the sheer interest of international biggies that want to collaborate with them.

In practical terms also, you can notice that there has been a world of difference (specially in quality and fit and finish levels) of our motorcycles when compared with, let’s say, one or two decades ago. However, an interesting point to note is that all these makers follow different routes to becoming better.

At one end, manufacturers like TVS Motor and even Hero MotoCorp have decided to pursue big in the Racing field. TVS Racing recently celebrated 34-35 years and Hero is also doing fairly well in its stint at various events – specially the Dakar.

Okay, so what is the big buzz about racing? What does it do apart from being a sport?

Well, any sort of racing takes the maximum out of any machine. A motorcycle is run in the most demanding conditions, temperatures, terrains, etc – that naturally demand a lot of sturdiness, quality and even durability. Whenever a motorcycle comes back from a lap of a race or a rally, there are a lot of learnings that makers note.

Bajaj racing

These learnings are what are shared with the company which directly or indirectly are implemented on the motorcycles you and I use in our daily lives. So, even that curve at the right side of your motorcycle’s fairing may have been a result of some kind of a learning for the company.

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Bajaj Says No to Racing

However, there are makers like Bajaj that are keeping away from racing. According to a recent report at CNBC TV18, Bajaj has made it clear that the company will not venture in the world of racing. There are two reasons that it gave…

One, that it already has racing exposure from its partnership with international makers (like Triumph and KTM). And two, that the company does not want to have any negative impact on its 20 percent EBITDA (very broadly the profitability) as racing is a very expensive sport/division.

Bajaj also said that it won’t make cars as it does not find its brand fit for such kind of products.