3 Interesting Revelations from Pulsar RS200 Teaser Video; Yes There is ABS!

Humara Bajaj’s upcoming flagship Pulsar RS200 is just round the corner. The company released a teaser video couple of days back. We sat back and tried to analyze it frame by frame to understand if we can find something interesting and here are our 3-4 findings…


  • ABS! Yes, notice the 30th second of the video, a screen grab of which we have pasted below, there are ABS rings! Apart from that, notice the ABS sign on the instrument cluster (pic below that). This is almost a confirmation that the Indian RS200 will, indeed, be offered with ABS which will be a first for a Bajaj-branded product. Bajaj may also offer a non-ABS cheaper model as we have seen a lot of times in spy pics.


  • Redline: The engine appears to red line at 9,500 rpm which is slightly less than NS’s 10,000 rpm. This also gives away that the tuning will be different in both the bikes.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

  • Instrumentation Console: Though the design is similar, the 200RS gets a blue backlit assembly from the orange of 200NS.
  • Tyres: We are not 100% sure of this, but the bike featured in this video may be shod with (hopefully not!) Eurogrip tyres. We urge Bajaj to provide the RS200 with MRF Zappers, which have also found a home on recent 200NS’!

Apart from this, the bike will get twin projector headlamps (ride will have the option of keeping both ON simultaneously, going by the video), LED pilot lamps and crystal LED tail lamps. If there is anything which we have missed, do share it with our readers in comments….