Is This Bajaj Pulsar 375? Is Bajaj Testing It Along With Faired Pulsar 200SS? 4 New Spy Pics

Barely a few minutes back we shared with you a clear frontal spyshot of the upcoming Pulsar 200SS which was draped in complete camouflage. And now we have many more pics of a new mule courtesy Why we say new, because the first one was numbered ‘1’ and this mule is numbered ‘3’ at the windshield and….

Faired-Bajaj-Pulsar-200SS-375 (1)

These are the first rider-on-the-bike spyshots of upcoming Pulsar 200SS or Pulsar 375 which showcases the bike in motion. Coming to the crust of the confusion, what is this?

  1. Is this Pulsar 200SS?
  2. Is Bajaj testing both; new Pulsar 200SS and Pulsar 375?

Moving to the description of what we can decipher from the new spyshots we have, here is a quick dekko:

The first thing to notice is that ‘protrude’! Yes, the under-belly exhaust has been shunned on the new faired Pulsar. Now comes the confusing bit. If you carefully notice, both the exhausts, the one on the morning mule looks more like a tube joining the end canister. However, in these new shots, it appears to be very much like the Honda Fireblade. (Marked in yellow)


The fairing design: Though not much is clear but both these mules appear to be carrying very slightly different fairing designs. If you notice the side part of the fairing’s bottom (marked in red), it appears that the fairing on mule ‘3’ is curved from the inside whereas the one on the mule ‘1’ is a little pointed.

Other than that, the wheelbase of this mule appears to be significantly bigger than Pulsar 200NS. And we do not have a side shot of the morning mule to understand more about it. What is visible is the perimeter frame which is definitely expected to make way.

Faired-Bajaj-Pulsar-200SS-375 (3)

The good/bad thing is the seating posture: From the spyshots of both these mules, the riding posture, as revealed, is pretty upright, very much like the naked Pulsar 200NS. While this might ring jingle bells for tourers, many may get disheartened to miss out on the sporty seating posture like the R15 or what the ‘SS’ (Supersports) suffix may imply…

It is not just a copy-paste fairing job on the existing Pulsar 200NS, instead it gets a complete makeover to the rear as well. The seat, area near the side cowl, rear cowl, everything is reworked and more streamlined now.

Faired-Bajaj-Pulsar-200SS-375 (2)

Unfortunately, the tyres appear to be the same size as the Pulsar 200NS.

And yes, many of you (specially Pulsar 220 owners) must have started to pray and wonder If Bajaj can provide a vibration free front fairing and useful rear view mirrors which were the two biggest grudges of Pulsar 220 owners.

This is a very interesting development along with being a little confusing as well. Bajaj did talk about both the upcoming bikes from Bajaj’s stable of being ‘faired’. You can read More Details here.

Faired-Bajaj-Pulsar-200SS-375 (4)

Whatever it is underneath, it looks big, muscular and with an immensely aggressive front. Launch is expected very soon possibly in a couple of months.

So, do you think this could be the Pulsar 375?