Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTSi Review

Pulsar is a major hit in the market and you know that it comes in four variants. It had created a huge stir in the Indian automobile market in its initial launch year, 2002. The four variants include Pulsar 150 DTSi, Pulsar 180 DTSi, Pulsar 200 DTSi and Pulsar 220 DTSi. Believe me, Pulsars are designed for guys that love high-speed action on road.

Looks and Styling: Bajaj Pulsar 180cc is elegant in its looks with aerodynamic shape. It has a flush-fitted tail lamp and thank GOD no tail lamp protuberances. The bike has an LCD speedo and tachometer console. It’s the fuel tank of Pulsar 180cc that gives the muscular shaped body to it. . The tank of Pulsar extends downwards touching the engine head almost.

The black styling provides the bike a sleek as well as subtle aggression. It has a scanty dashboard layout and has a lighter yet stronger alloy wheels that call for low maintenance, as it wouldn’t rust. Switches are convenient for use and there is a tacho; a beam flasher. The posture of Bajaj Pulsar 180cc is so flexible and the bike has a proportionate blend of style and functionality. On the whole, the bike is good in its looks, feel, handling as well as mileage.

Performance: Bajaj Pulsar DTSi has a throttle-actuated ignition control system that works together with a chip-controlled digital capacitor discharge ignition system and this gives accurate ignition time under any condition that in turn optimizes the load-bearing capacity of the engine. The dual-spark design accelerates and evens out flame propagation resulting in more efficient combustion and thereby resulting in a greater performance. The newly designed exhaust complies with the EURO 2005 norms. The 180cc engine of Pulsar delivers maximum power of 16.5bhp @ 8000 rpm and a torque of 15.22Nm @6000 rpm. ExhausTEC technology improves torque of the engine. The engine is powered to carry higher loads.

The stronger alloy wheel coupled with a long wheelbase of 1330mm enhances the stability of the bike and also makes it more agile. One can sit with ease on the bike. Shock absorption is quite good and vibrations are reduced to minimum. The engine is improved with a stable chassis, a new design magnesium alloy wheel and Nitrox shock absorbers, rear suspension with triple-rated springs are some noteworthy features of Pulsar 180cc.

The Nitrox or nitrogen-assisted rear gas shock absorber and the triple-rated springs are meant to handle extreme road conditions and terrain. The pillion seating is comfortable and the bike provides a mileage of about 45-50kmpl.

The fuel efficiency is decent if not astounding running 45-50 km per every liter of fuel. The acceleration of this bike is excellent and linear and enough power on all the gears. The gearing for the first two gears is short that enables the bike for fast changes and good acceleration. The clutch system is improved than the older version. The neat silencer routing ensure the minimum number of turns for exhaust gases while the all-chrome upswept silencer is mounted parallel to the rear sub-frame gives a sporty look.

Final Verdict: The Bajaj Pulsar 180 is a package for young brigade and is a powerhouse with sensational 125kmph top speed. The bike performs well at all speeds and cornering is something commendable. The bike using Digital Twin Technology Ignition (DTSi), Ignition with Digital CDI, Twin Spark Plugs and a third-generation Throttle Responsive Ignition Control System should never let you down as you carry your honey!


Displacement: 179cc
Engine: Air Cooled, 2 Plug
Maximum Power: 16.70ps@8500rpm
Maximum Torque: 15.22nm@6000rpm
Gears: 5 Speed
Weight: 140.00 kg
Fuel Tank: 15.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1330.00 mm