Pictoral Preview: 17PS Pulsar 150NS Showcased in Turkey [13 Pics]

Bajaj has done something which is not exactly unexpected but yes, has a whole new implication in the premium 150cc segment where it will be positioned. The bike, which is scheduled to be launched in India in the next few months, was showcased in Turkey at the CNR Expo. With 17 PS of power to tap, as we revealed exclusively yesterday, it is at par with the R15, (only) in terms of on-paper power!

Pulsar 150NS 9

While the bike carries the look of its elder sibling the Pulsar 200NS, it appears to be slightly smaller and looses out on a lot of features. With a lower torque output of 13Nm, it would be interesting to see, how will it fare against its chief rivals – Yamaha FZs and Gixxers of current times.


The photographs of the bike showcased in Turkey, posted on Facebook, get a big windshield accessory which appears to be a nice little addition for long distance tourers. Along with this, it also gets monoshock absorber as well as the underbelly exhaust from the 200NS.

The motorcycle, at 144 kgs, is heavier by today’s standards and that 100/90 17 incher looks slim for a bike of this size. It also comes with a kick starter and split seat.

Pulsar 150NS: Quick Pictoral Preview

Pulsar 150NS 9

Overall stance is very similar to 200NS and upon quick glances people will mistake it as the elder sibling. Good thing for 150NS owners but is it the same for 200 owners…?

Pulsar 150NS 10

That omnipresent Saree Guard! The number plate assembly is different from the current 200NS and clearly that 100/90 spoils the looks! Tank hump from this angle reminds us of the oldest-gen Pulsars which were sometimes referred to as ‘nut crackers’ 😉

Pulsar 150NS 4

Almost the rider’s view. Gives a look on how high the added visor is. The meter assembly is very similar to 200NS and so are the switchgears.

Pulsar 150NS 8

Here is the sticker! NS150 and nothing more, nothing else!

Pulsar 150NS 2

Unlike 200NS, the 150NS Gets a kick in addition to the electric starter. Has to do with the segment this will compete in

Pulsar 150NS 6

Rectangular swingarm along with exposed chain. That Fuel knob is visible which clears this is a carbureted model.

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Pulsar 150NS Picture Gallery