Official: Bajaj Launches New Dual-Tone Colours for Pulsar 200NS; Discontinues a Few As Well!

A few days back, Bajaj’s official Facebook page revealed the new dual-tone snazzier colours one by one. So, the first to let out was the Black-White dual, followed by the Red-Black dual and the last one was the Blue-Black dual tone.


There was one confusion which prevailed; Would Bajaj discontinue the current solid colours? And here comes the answer. Yes the solid colours, with the exception of black, have been discontinued. Though there is no official press release by Bajaj on this development, they have silently updated the official website with the changes.

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS New Colour Options:

So Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is now available in a bevy of the following Four Colour Options:

  1. Black Solid
  2. Black & Blue Dual Tone
  3. Black & Red Dual Tone
  4. Black & White Dual Tone


And they have slashed the following colour options from the lineup:

  1. Red Solid
  2. Blue Solid
  3. Yellow Solid

These are not for the first time we are seeing these dual tone coloured Pulsar 200NS’. Bajaj Kawasaki launched these dual tone Pulsars in the Indonesian market in June this year. Ever since, there was a hope that Bajaj will bring them for the Indian market as well and well, here they are.


Interestingly, the only colour from the Indonesian lineup that has not made way is the Yellow Black dual tone. A special edition in pipeline Bajaj 😉

Nonetheless, this is a kind of a minor refresh for the Pulsar 200NS before its faired sibling the 200SS makes way into our markets sooner or later. Check it out here…all you fairing lovers!

So which colour suits Bajaj Pulsar 200NS the most? Here is a quick poll

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