Atleast 1 New Chetak Every Year – Bajaj Steps Up Aggression

More Chetak electric launches are planned by Bajaj. It will be interesting to see when will Bajaj venture into electric motorcycles…

A few days ago,  Bajaj Auto concluded their Annual General Meeting, and at this event, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj (MD & CEO – Bajaj Auto) spoke to the media and shared some interesting tidbits with them regarding the company’s future plans. 

Yesterday we reported the latest update on the motorcycles spawned from the Bajaj-Triumph partnership that could launch somewhere in 2023 and how the company is planning to bring the GasGas brand to India

But that is not all.

While interacting with a news portal, Mr Bajaj shared some ambitious plans regarding their electric scooter brand Chetak. 

With a hint of confidence, Mr. Bajaj revealed that the Chetak brand is poised to launch atleast 1 new Chetak every year moving forward, according to the portal. These are expected to be electric scooters and will not just be destined for the Indian market alone, but for the international market as well. 

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From the beginning, Bajaj have always promoted and leveraged their image as a trustful brand. They have always represented themselves to be a brand for the masses and used slogans like ‘Hamara Bajaj’ & ‘Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer’ to promote the original Chetak scooter. And moving forward, the company will be using this image of theirs to offer new electric scooters under the Chetak brand umbrella. 

Mr. Bajaj himself confirmed a few weeks ago that a 2nd Chetak Scooter has already been under development for a while and is nearly production-ready. He revealed that they are planning to launch the new electric scooter ‘in FY23’, i.e. sometime around the end of 2022 or before April 2023. 

Chetak electric launches

Presently, the Chetak brand is sitting at nearly 16,000 bookings for the current model on sale, with more than 14,000 e-scooters already delivered to their destined owners.  

Additionally, On the 84th birth anniversary of Late Mr. Rahul Bajaj (June 10, 2022), Chetak Technology, an Electric subsidiary of Bajaj Auto, inaugurated their new EV manufacturing plant at Akurdi in Pune. They, along with their investors, will be investing nearly Rs. 750 crores in this EV manufacturing plant in the coming years, in order to fulfil their growing ambitions. 

This new EV plant at Akurdi is spread over half a million square feet (5,00,000 sq.ft.) and is expected to generate employment for nearly 11,000 people. With its own R&D centre located within the premises, the Akurdi facility is aiming to ‘transform into a major hub for the design, development, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles’.