Innovative: Buy Ather 450 & Earn Money by Renting it on Bounce

Ather 450 scooter rental program offers you the option of leasing your scoot when not in use and earn money out of it..

Ather is quite clearly the most disruptive electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India at the moment. It has defined a lot of standards in this segment and has been at the forefront when it comes to innovative ideas. In a latest, the company has announced yet another creative partnership with Bounce.

What is Bounce?

Bounce is a dockless first/last mile mobility solution where users can pick up or drop bikes, bicycles or electric bikes anywhere in the city at any time. It is present in Bangalore and Hyderabad and claims that it used to do 1.30 Lakh rides every day before lockdown.

What is this Partnership?

New Ather buyers will have the option to buy a new electric scooter under this Peer to Peer (P2P) scooter sharing program. The new owner can then list his vehicle on the Bounce app and earn money when it is not in use. The scooters listed through this model will be picked up and returned to the owner by Bounce customers.

Ather 450 Scooter Rental – Few Quick Pointers

  • This is applicable only to the new owners of Ather who are yet to buy a scooter from the company.
  • To opt for this program, customers will need to buy the Ather 450 through the Bounce platform.
  • You will get a commercially registered vehicle.
  • You can list and rent your scooter for hours or days on the app.
  • When your scooter is rented you will be paid by Bounce towards rental charges.
Ather 450 scooter rental
With its smart features you can rest assured about the safety and health of your 450

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Ather has also launched new post-purchase service plans customized for this sharing model. Scooters bought under this program will continue to get free fast charging at 38 Ather Grid points for one year. Apart from this, they will be delivered with portable chargers so that they can be charged at any 5A plug point.

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A pilot program has been launched in Bengaluru from this month. Interestingly, scooters under this program will be delivered on priority basis once the lockdown gets over and deliveries commence. You can book an Ather 450 under this sharing platform through the Bounce website for Rs 499.