Jawa Reveals ARAI Fuel Efficiency of Jawa & Forty Two

According to the ARAI certified Jawa fuel efficiency number, the motorcycles are good for a range of over 500 km…

Kitna deti hai?‘ is India’s favourite question when it comes to motorcycles – be it any class or displacement. Jawa has just revealed that figure for all the people who were curious to know its fuel economy.

Jawa Fuel Efficiency

JAWA37.5 kpl
Forty Two37.5 kpl

In a Tweet response, Jawa announced that its ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure for Jawa and Forty Two is 37.5 kpl. With a 14 liter fuel tank, this gives them a range of 525 km before you will run dry. However, these are ideal numbers and in real world conditions, we expect both the Jawas to return around 28-30 kpl of fuel efficiency, which is in the ballpark of Mahindra Mojo – the sibling with which these Jawas share their engine – albeit in a very different tune.

A range of about 400-430 km is what the Jawas should be able to provide. These are respectable numbers for near 300cc motorcycles which pump out 27 bhp of power and 28 Nm of torque.

Jawa fuel efficiency

A few days back Jawa had commenced first deliveries of its motorcycles, after a long gap of three months. Within a short span of time they have ramped up to a total dealership count of about 100+ which is incredible for a new entrant.

No Smaller Jawas for India or the World

There is a third motorcycle called as Perak which has a slightly bigger version of the same engine and it has been promised to be launched towards the end of this year. Deliveries of the dual-channel ABS versions of Jawa and Forty Two have been announced to commence from June 2019.