Both the models have received a major weight increment in this BS4 to BS6 transition...

Don’t expect Jawa 250 or anything smaller from the brand…

Jawa’s resurrection has been very well accepted in the market. Apart from the products, they are listening to the customers as well – a quick testimony to that is the official announcement of the introduction of dual-channel ABS in the coming months (details).

They started with the 300 cc engine platform of the Mojo. This has ensured that they save money and more importantly can go to the market a lot quicker. Moreover, the biggest strength of Mojo is its engine and hence it is always good to take strengths forward…

The next product in the lineup is the already announced Perak which comes with a displacement of 334cc. This is the same engine with a bigger bore and obviously more juice. What next?? is the question many have asked Jawa…

Jawa 250

And in all the formal and informal talks Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends (the company which has launched Jawa in India and which is owned by Mahindra), has only hinted one thing – there will NOT be a smaller Jawa! Which means that Jawa/42 will be the entry level Jawas and whatever will be envisaged in the coming times, it will either carry the same engine(s) or will be bigger in displacement.

Jawa Perak Launch
Jawa’s 3rd model Perak carries a 334cc engine

So, you can safely negate the possibility of a 200 cc Jawa Classic or even a quarter liter version of it. Though this doesn’t confirm but it also, kind of, directly hints that Jawa will NOT want to play in the under Rs 1.50 Lakh market where arch-rival Royal Enfield has a presence with its Bullet models.

Jawa Exhaust Note – Stock vs Modded

It must be remembered that we have had 250cc models from Jawa before it shut shops. In fact, Yezdi 250 Roadking, CL-II etc were the most famous models of yesteryears. Ideal Jawa also made motorcycles as small as 50-60cc but those were the golden days of two-strokers…

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