Jawa Exhaust Note – Stock vs Modded

Here is the Jawa exhaust note, if you wanted to hear it up… Also inserted is a video which compares the stock vs modded exhausts…

You may or may not know that one of the biggest reason of Royal Enfield’s massive sales is the exhaust note of its motorcycles. That is why you often hear from their owners that their motorcycles are ‘for men‘, ‘macho‘ and what not. So, exhaust note does play a crucial role in motorcycles specially if we are talking about leisure motorcycling.

Jawa, which has fielded its products in the same segment in which Royal Enfield plays, was also known for the exhaust note of its motorcycles – 2-strokers back then. The new Jawas have ticked a lot of boxes right – including the specs, retro classic looks, feel etc, but how has the exhaust note panned out? Let us hear this video from Autocar…

Jawa Exhaust Note Video

New Jawa – The Sound!

🔊 Grab your headphones and listen to the exhaust note of the all-new Jawa! Our review goes live at noon on December 14, but we'll have updates for you on our social media channels, so do check back for more. Jawa Motorcycles

Posted by Autocar India on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Yes, it is not the 2-stroke enigma of the yesteryears nor is it as ‘bassy’ as Royal Enfields but it certainly appears to be sorted and a lot more refined. Remember, Jawa is using two exhaust canisters mainly for sound enhancement. And we believe it certainly is a big improvement over Mahindra Mojo – the engine of which shares the Jawa motor’s platform.

However, here is another video which compares the sound of the stock exhaust with a modified one by Cartoq

This modified exhaust note without the DB killer sounds real good, looks similar and it appears that Jawa will offer it as an accessory. But do note that it may not meet the decibel levels so it may not be road legal.

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