Exclusive: Aprilia RS457 Beats Ninja 300, 500, R3 Combined in April 24 Sales

Aprilia RS457 vs Ninja 500 and others in sales – here is the story for April 2024. Surprised, expected..?

If you ask a motorcycling enthusiast, Aprilia RS457 is clearly the best thing to have happened this year! Bikers yearning for dual cylinder motorcycles in the faired sports segment had to be content with the Ninja 300 or shell out unjustified amounts for other motorcycles.

But Aprilia’s decision to manufacture the RS457 in India is a blessing for us mortals and its price tag of around that Rs 4 Lakh mark helps matters a lot. The other options you have, apart from the versatile Ninja 300, are the exorbitantly tagged Ninja 500 or the unnecessarily costly, smaller Yamaha R3.

Aprilia has just started with the deliveries of the RS457 and things look deservingly good for the brand. Here are some numbers for April – which is the first month of the financial year 25.

Aprilia RS457 vs Ninja 500 vs R3 – Sales

Aprilia RS457231 units
Ninja 30038 units
Ninja 50017 units
Yamaha R334 units

For some reason, the Ninja 300 was significantly down in April. It’s early days to comment on Ninja 500’s performance but 34 units for the R3 is a surprise! I am still suspecting that Yamaha is, kind of, stuffing dealerships in anticipation and these are not based on customer orders. But if they are actual customer orders, at 4.65 Lac, Yamaha is doing 10 times better than anybody’s estimation!

Aprilia rs457 vs Ninja 500
Even at Rs 4.65 Lakh, the Yamaha R3 appears to have garnered a few numbers…

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Coming back to the impeccable RS457, the beautiful looking sportster has beaten all its rivals combined – and by a fair margin. Chances are that these numbers may rise when Aprilia settles down with the motorcycle’s production. In fact, according to the official SIAM sales data that we have, the company produced 1365 units of the RS457 in the month of April and shipped 1136 units out of India. Yes, if you are unaware, the RS457 is being manufactured at the company’s Baramati plant and exported to different countries of the world.

Another good news is that Aprilia has already started testing the second motorcycle on this platform and here are its spy pics and other details.

I think everybody would be eager to see the baby RS do well in our market which will give other makers the courage to manufacture more multi cylinder motorcycles in India – which will eventually mean more options at competitive prices. What say…?