Exclusive: Yamaha Aerox Sells 3 Times More Than All 150-160cc Aprilias & Vespa

Let’s take a look at Yamaha Aerox sales in India and how is the premium, sports scooter doing here as compared to its rivals…

Of all the makers, people expected the king of scooters – Honda to take the lead and give us a bigger, sporty scooter. However, Yamaha took the plunge and gave us the Aerox in 2021 – a phenomenal 155cc scooter which is one of the most exciting to ride as well.

The question after roughly 2 and a half years is – how is the sports scooter doing in terms of sales in India? And as usual, we have the answer..

In the first ten months of this financial year (April 2023 to January 2024), Yamaha has sold 14,698 Aerox scooters in the country, according to the SIAM sales data we have. This is an average of almost 1500 scooters a month. And, though, these numbers do not look very pretty in isolation, when you factor in the high price point and the relative sports-bias (read lack of utility), you will realize that a revenue of roughly 20-22 crore every month from a niche product is, well, impeccable!

Piaggio is already selling its Aprilia and Vespa branded 150-160cc scooters in India since a long time…

If you still have a question mark, rival Piaggio Vehicles, which sells Aprilia as well as Vespa branded scooters in this 150-160cc space has registered total sales of 5254 units during the same period. Which means that Aerox, single handedly has sold almost three times more than all the Aprilias and Vespa of this segment!

Yamaha Aerox Sales vs Rivals (Apr-Jan 2024)

Yamaha Aerox14,698 units
All Aprilia-Vespa 150-160cc scooters5254 units

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Yamaha aerox sales
That 155cc engine is a gem and India loves it! That makes me wonder why isn’t the XSR 155 here still…!

This shows how impressive those numbers are for a sporty scooter that almost costs Rs 1.50 Lac ex-showroom. We should give it to Yamaha for being the brave one to try out this segment properly. This should have given Honda, Suzuki and others enough ammo to sit up and take notice of this segment. Hero is already all set to introduce its Xoom 160R – an ADV-like sports scooter that will rival the Aerox!

Clearly, India loves that 155cc engine and everything that has come with that heart has worked for the Jap. That, again, takes us back to the question – why isn’t the XSR 155 still in India?