Apache 200 List of 6 Variants; ABS to Come ONLY With Pirelli Tyres

TVS has upped the ante in the 200 cc segment which is currently ruled by rival Bajaj with 2 motorcycles and their 3 variants (Pulsar AS200, Pulsar RS200 ABS & Non-ABS). With the introduction of Apache 200 in the same arena, things will definitely get interesting.

The motorcycle has been launched, we have ridden the product but for some reason TVS has not revealed all the details of the motorcycle Рwhich means the exact number of variants and their respective prices are NOT officially announced. In fact all they have shared are the following details..

  1. Apache 200’s starting price tag of Rs 88,990 (ex-showroom Delhi).
  2. Apache 200 will come with optional ABS and Pirelli tyres.
  3. There will be Carburetted variants and ones with Remora tyres.
  4. The top of the line variant will cost around Rs 1.15 Lakhs – yes this is also an estimation and not an official figure!
Apache 200 FI Pirelli White

We caught hold of TVS officials to understand more details on this and here is a quick list of what we got to know…

  1. Apache variants will have a lot of permutations and combinations (listed below)
  2. ABS will be available on both Carb and FI variants.
  3. ABS will, in all probability, be offered on Apaches with Pirelli tyres ONLY.
Apache 200 Carb TVS Remora tyres Grey

Apache 200 List of Variants

So, here is the list of 6 variants Apache 200 will come with…

  1. Apache 200 Carb: Remora tyres + Non-ABS (this is the base variant which has been priced at Rs 88,990)
  2. Apache 200 Carb: Pirelli Tyres + Non-ABS
  3. Apache 200 Carb: Pirelli Tyres + ABS
  4. Apache 200 FI: Remora tyres + Non-ABS
  5. Apache 200 FI: Pirelli Tyres + Non-ABS
  6. Apache 200 FI: Pirelli Tyres + ABS (this is the top of the line variant, expected to cost ~1.15 Lacs)

This is the expected Apache 200 variant list from the info shared by the company officials.

Apache 200 carb Pirelli tyres Red

Club this with the six colour options TVS has plans to make available in all the above variants. So, if a dealership has to house all the trims, they will have to count one bouquet as 36 motorcycles (6 variants x 6 colours for each).

Apache 200 – 4 Matte Colors – white, yellow, black, red

Nonetheless, when we asked the company more about it, they said, at the moment they have plans to offer everything to the customer and based on the demand for particular variants and colours they will discontinue the ones which will not find interests.

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Nobody from the media has ridden the Apache ABS till now but TVS has plans to offer all of these variants, across the nation (in a phased manner) by April 2016!