Apache 200 FI vs Carb: Exhaust Note Difference & Walkaround [Video Feature]

2 Videos – One with a walkaround and exhaust note and the second with the exhaust note difference between the FI and Carb variant…

TVS has launched their biggest and the most powerful Apache 200 in India and we rode it a couple of days back at TVS’ Hosur plant test track. For a wider reach, TVS is offering the Apache 200 in a choice of two variants and many resulting options. The two variants are – FI and Carburetted. (Link to launch article)

We rode both the bikes for a considerable amount of time and while we are penning down our comprehensive first ride review, here is something exclusive for you – the difference between the exhaust note of the FI vs the Carb variant. We also have a self-explanating walkaround video of the motorcycle specially for the many who are just hooked!

Suggest you to wear your earphones for a better experience

Apache 200: Walkaround Video and Exhaust Note

(Facing issues? Watch it directly at Youtube)

Captured here is the matte white colored Apache 200 in this walkaround video. This is the FI variant and just notice the richness of the matte-finish.

Apache 200 FI vs Carb Exhaust Note Comparo

(Facing issues? Watch it directly at Youtube)

There is a minor but clear difference between the exhaust notes of both the carb variant as well as the Fuel Injected Apache. While the exhaust note of the 200 FI is NOT as loud as the now discontinued Apache 160 FI, it is crispier, more aural and each beat sounds distinct.

After this, do wait for our review of the motorcycles which should be up ASAP 🙂