India’s First: Apache 200 E100 Launched at 1.20 Lakh; Runs On Ethanol

Apache 200 ethanol price is marginally higher than the petrol version but TVS says that running costs will be similar…

In a big announcement, TVS has officially launched its new Apache 200 E100. No, that is not just another variant of Apache which sips in petrol. The Apache 200 E100 runs on Ethanol – so it could either be 100 percent ethanol or 80 percent ethanol with a mix of 20 percent petrol. This comes at a time when there has been an increasing focus on moving towards a more sustainable future.

Apache 200 Ethanol is the same motorcycle as the regular (fuel injected) Apache apart from the fuel it drinks in. It continues with the same 200 cc engine and produces 21 PS of power and 18.1 Nm of torque. In fact it has the same claimed top speed of 129 kph.

Ethanol produces emissions which are less harmful than conventional petrol and it can be produced by common sources like sugarcane and corn. This will make it India’s first motorcycle to run on such a fuel which is renewable. Mass usage of Ethanol will also help us cut our import bills of crude oil.

Apache 200 ethanol price

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Another big advantage of such a motorcycle is that it produces less harmful emissions as compared to its petrol version.

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Apache 200 Ethanol Price

Apache 200 E100 ethanol has been priced at Rs 1.20 Lakh ex-showroom making it about Rs 9000 expensive than the regular Apache 200. For now TVS will keep this motorcycle limited to only Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. But there is only one BIG problem – there is not a single ethanol station in India! However, steps are being taken to make this fuel easily available and we must appreciate this special and brave move from TVS!