Patent Image of Apache 200 Leaked- 5 Similarities With Draken [Update]

Update 9th Jan: If you check out this page, almost everyday we have a new development on the upcoming Apache 200 and it is one of the most interesting motorcycle in the making which will directly compete against Bajaj’s 200cc Pulsars. has leaked what they call as the patent image of Apache 200. It features the motorcycle without any camouflage and reveals almost everything about it. So, what we have done is – we have clubbed this pic with the Draken concept TVS showcased at the Auto Expo to give you a good view of the similarities between these two motorcycles. And just to ensure you notice everything we list at least five of them below..

Apache 200 & Draken: Similarities

  1. The tank has been borrowed with similar long extensions. The overall design is very similar.
  2. Apache 200 gets monoshock absorbers similar to Draken which will make it a first for TVS.
  3. Split Seats – Though not as artistic as the Draken, but Apache 200 does comes with split seats and a design pattern roughly inspired from the concept.
  4. Alloy Wheels – We already love those curved 10-spoke alloy wheels and now you know where is the inspiration coming from.
  5. Though slightly different in shape, both the motorcycles carry engine underbelly covers.



  1. No upside down forks. Apache 200 comes with regular telescopic forks.
  2. Different headlamp. As we have said earlier, TVS has, for some reason mounted the headlamp a little higher and it is more upright. Compare that with the Draken and the mean look it possess and you will know what are we saying.
  3. Apache 200 gets high-raised clip-ons whereas Draken was shod with wide rod-type handle.
  4. Exhaust – Though this pic doesn’t reveal Apache’s other side but going by the spyshots we understand that it will carry a prominent exhaust canister against Draken’s underbelly.

Apart from this, we can notice visible differences like the exposed frame, presence of RVMs etc.

Update 8th Jan: A day after we talked about the new Apache’s headlamps and meter console (in dark), Autocar has shared some new spyshots of the upcoming Apache 200 which is running around with camouflage on its body and hence, reveals its big proportions.

First up, the bikini headlamp is a little higher up and as we have said earlier, it should be as lowered as possible on nakeds. Classic examples are the pinnacles of (super) nakeds – Z1000 and Super Duke! So, let us list what new do these pics bring to the table..

  • The riding posture is nice and high with slightly rear-set footpegs. In fact, it appears to be more upright than the Pulsar NS200.
  • The body design does have some some cues from the Draken concept but the headlamp is plain jane and symmetric unlike Draken’s.

TVS-Apache-200-Spy-Pics (1)

  • The side profile is impressive with with muscular tank and upswept tail with split seats finishing off in a small taillamp.
  • The broad exhaust canister also lends the motorcycle a complementing look.

TVS-Apache-200-Spy-Pics (2)

  • Also note those very interesting 10-spoke alloy wheels.
  • This model is caught with clip-ons.

TVS-Apache-200-Spy-Pics (3)

Update 7th Jan: Just before its launch, new details of the upcoming Apache 200 are coming in thick and fast. In a latest update, non-Indian auto portal has released new spy pics of the motorcycle which have both – some good bits and some not so!

These latest shots reveal the DRLs, headlamp and the meter console during dark for the first time. Let us list what new we can decipher through these…

  • The headlamp design is similar in design (trapezoidal) as the existing Apaches.
  • The DRLs have a ‘bracket’ shape and we are sure the first teaser of the motorcycle will feature them illuminated against the completely dark motorcycle!
  • Unfortunately, the headlamp bulb appears to be 35 watt and not 55 watt.


  • The full digital meter console has a neat uncluttered layout and we can notice the gear indicator, clock, service reminder apart from the regular tachometer, speedometer, odometer (which should double up as tripmeter as well) and the fuel gauge.
  • Like the KTMs, there is another redundant ‘N’ neutral indicator light at the bottom apart from the gear indicator.
  • The bike appears to be at its idle rpm of close to 1200.


TVS has invited us for a launch and ride event on 20th and 21st of this month, which should be the Apache 200 and some other motorcycle/version! Till then stay tuned… (More details)

January 5th Original article: The upcoming Apache 200 has been spied a number of times, both in India as well as TVS’ overseas markets. A lot has been said about the various features the bike can be expected to be loaded with but how much of it is actually going to percolate to the final production model is still not a certainty.

AutomobileTamilian alerted us of a recent spotting of the motorcycle with a Tweet. The spyshots provide us a sneak into the engine area of the motorcycle. The air cooled engine mated with an oil cooler is clearly visible. This almost leads us to finally believe that Apache 200 will not be a full liquid cooled motorcycle and TVS is instead opting for the cheaper oil-cooling technology which we have seen on the Pulsar 220 and others.

The test mule is also running an underbelly cover which has been a common feature in the existing Apaches as well.

TVS Apache 200 g

The engine may be a rebored unit of the Apache 180 or TVS may have built an all-new motor grounds-up. Since we already have a benchmark, expect the biggest Apache to churn out power of around 21-24 horses and we hope torque is higher than 18-19 Nm. There may be different variants of Apache 200 which will fight against the complete Pulsar 200 lineup along with the KTM’s Duke and RC200.

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TVS is expected to unveil the 200cc Apache at the Auto Expo and its launch is expected thereafter.

Apache 200: Spy Pics Deciphered

TVS Apache 200 c
TVS has taken a lot of design cues from Draken like the tank extensions, naked styling etc. It should be a handsome looker as we believe..
TVS Apache 200 h
This angle gives a view of the humped fuel tank. This version being tested in India gets regular rod-type broad handlebar with silver levers. Clip-ons are not to be found.
TVS Apache 200 d
This Indian version is being tested with TVS tyres unlike the one spotted with Pirellis in Indonesia. It appears to be a 130 section tyre. Also present are petal disc brakes at the rear which should be standard.
TVS Apache 200 e
The exhaust gets two holes and will get a contrast colored (most probably silver) tip. We also notice the added mass under that canister which will be promoted by the company with a fancy tech-name, for sure…
TVS Apache 200 b
The split seats appear way too distant. Also visible is the all-digital meter console.
TVS Apache 200 g
Here is a view of the engine. Though nothing can be ascertained, it does look bigger than Apache 180s motor. We can also see the oil cooler…