All-New 500cc 2-Cylinder Benelli & Faired TNT 300 Coming to India Next Year [Speculation]

Now that they have landed foot, fireworks are about to begin! Italian origin China-owned Benelli has some real aggressive plans for India. They have already launched five motorcycles here, and at least a couple of them are worth donating kidneys for! Their next salvo, as officially confirmed, will consist of three new launches within this year. They will include their smallest single cylinder TNT 25, cruiser Blackster and the big go-anywhere Trek Amazonas (click for more details on these motorcycles).


With an eight motorcycle-strong portfolio, one would expect them to sit down and rest on the laurels apart from working on strengthening their network. But DSK Benelli has some different plans if we go by this report at Autocar India. They claim that, apart from the three products we talked about above, DSK Benelli has five all-new yet-to-be-launched motorcycles scheduled for launches next year. Here is a list before we quickly talk about them…

  • Sporty full-faired variant of TNT 300
  • Half-faired Adventure variant of TNT 300
  • 500 cc twin-cylinder Adventure Bike (drool drool……!)
  • 2 motorcycles based on a new 750cc twin-cylinder engine platform

Fully faired sports TNT 300 is sure going to be a killer going by what the naked offers. Let us hope there is a little more juice for that extra bit of excitement. The semi-faired TNT 300 Adventure will build on the newly created ‘Adventure-sports’ category in India.


The most interesting motorcycle of the lot is this – a 500cc twin cylinder adventure bike. At an expected price tag of Rs 4.5 lakhs it could end up being a killer! The two motorcycles based on the all-new 750 cc engine platform are expected to be a naked and its faired sports version.

Autocar expects that all these five new motorcycles to be unveiled at EICMA auto show in Europe this December and as an inference, DSK Benelli, in all probability, will showcase them at the Indian Auto Expo two months later, if they participate, that is! We are already excited…..