Landmark Day: No Motorcycle Can Be Sold Without ABS/CBS From Today

ABS-deadline over; only ‘safe’ motorcycles and scooters can be retailed by manufacturers…

The deadline for auto companies is over and from today no motorcycle or scooter can be sold without being safer than before! As per the ruling, all two-wheelers over 125cc displacement will necessarily have to be equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) to be eligible for sale. For products under this displacement manufacturers have an option of choosing the cheaper CBS (Combined Braking System) technology.

ABS is an advanced braking technology which prevents locking up of wheels upon hard braking. One of the largest cause of motorcycle accidents is a resultant of that locked up tyre (mostly the front) which leads to a crash or a skidding fall. ABS has sensors which compute the tyre speed and it immediately releases the brake load on tyre when it detects the moment it may lock up. ABS can make a difference of life and death in a panic braking situation! Addition of ABS has resulted in a price increment of about Rs 5000 to Rs 15,000 on motorcycles.

Karizma ABS Launch
Karizma may not see the day of the light again!

On the other hand CBS works on the principle of ‘more effective braking‘ from essentially the same hardware. Upon the press of the left lever (in an automatic scooter) or the foot brake pedal (on motorcycles), in addition to the rear brake, the front brake also gets activated in some proportion. This generally results in a reduced braking distance helping the two-wheeler to come under control or to a halt earlier. Addition of CBS has increased the two-wheeler prices by Rs 600 to Rs 2000.

Mojo is yet to receive ABS

Most of the motorcycles and scooters have made it across this deadline, however, some very well known names may go missing from the websites soon. Some prominent ones may include Karizma, Achiever, Unicorn 160 etc. Many motorcycles like Fazer, UM Renegade, Mojo, CCW Misfit etc surprisingly have not received the ABS tech so far. Till the time they become compliant they will not be allowed to be retailed in the market from today!