Seven Differences Between Discover 150F & 150S

The Discover family may have been shortened to just five members now, which includes the Discover 100, Discover 100M, Discover 125M and the newbies Discover 150 (F & S)! But, Bajaj still has the ability to whip out more Discovers out of thin air, however they may (or should) not do that now!


The two new-born 150s have very little separating them. They have the same 144.8cc engine which churns out 14.5PS of power at 8500rpm and 12.75Nm of torque at 6500rpm. So, carrying on our tradition of trying to figure out even minute differences between visually similar looking Discovers, here is a list of what are the dissimilarities between the new Discover 150F and 150S.

1. FAIRING: Well, the first and visually the biggest difference, as you all know, is the semi-fairing on the 150F and the bikini fairing on the 150S. The front visor of the 150F also gets a slightly different design. The Discover 150S looks absolutely similar to the 93,000 odd Discovers Bajaj sold last month whereas the ‘F’ looks fresher, bigger and different.

2. HORN: On our media bikes, the Discover 150F’s horn also sounded better than the one on the 150S, for reasons we are not aware of.

3. VARIANTS: While the Discover 150S is offered in two variants (drum and discs), 150F comes only in one variant with Disc brakes as standard.

4. WEIGHT: Owing to the presence of that semi-fairing, 150F, at 132kg (kerb weight) is 2kgs heavier than the 150S Disc and 3 kgs than the 150S drum.


Console of Discover 150S

5. CONSOLES: The Discover 150F gets a semi digital console with an analogue speedometer while the 150S version gets an all-analogue one. The console on the D150F also looks significantly better and modern than the conventional one in the D150 which looks dated.


 Feature-Rich Console of Faired Discover 150F

6. FEATURES: 150F comes with a digital odometer, trip meter, fuel gauge and a service reminder along with a digital clock. On the other hand the 150S gets an analog fuel gauge, odometer as well as the trip. There is no clock on D150S and neither can we spot the service reminder on this bikini-faired motorcycle.

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7. PRICES: So what else is different eh? The prices obviously! Discover 150S with front (and rear) drum brakes costs Rs 52,030, making it the cheapest 150cc available in the country. With a front disc the D150S comes at Rs 55,030. On the other hand, the semi faired Discover 150F can be bought at a sticker price of Rs 59,034 (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).


Both the Bajaj bikes, with a fantastic power to weight ratio, are agile and offer pretty nifty features for the price they are offered at. You can read our detailed review of both these bikes here or check out a mega picture gallery here.

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