Update – Truth Behind 390 Adventure Rally Version Revealed

There is no 390 Adventure Rally version as the camouflaged test mules belonged to an after market manufacturer…

Last week has been abuzz with the speculation that KTM India has been officially testing the Rally version (or some related variant – probably an update or something) of their 390 Adventure bike.

However, it has come to light that the test mules that were captured being tested in full camouflage, were actually prototypes being tested by an after-market company called Turtletech in collaboration with Motourenn.

Along with introducing the company Turtletech (which is creating and testing the aftermarket modification for the 390 Adventure), Motourenn have clarified that it will convert the ADV into a Rally model. They are calling this modification as Rally Tower.

They are currently Beta Testing their fourth prototype and are aiming to create an international spec product. With this aim of theirs, they have sent one of their prototypes – Eagle One – to Guwahati to be tested in the gruesome mountain roads and terrains across the 7 sister states.

390 adventure rally version

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It is actually the complete camouflage (just like how companies test their upcoming models) that caught everyone unawares. The 390 Adventure Rally Tower comes with a completely changed front profile and in fact, such a styled product has been snapped testing earlier around KTM’s factory in Mattighofen.

This after-market add-on should be an interesting powerpart for 390 Adventure owners and let us see when do we get to see in the market.