250 Duke vs Dominar 250 vs Husqvarna 250s – FY21 Sales

Check out 250 Duke vs Dominar 250 vs Husqvarna 250 in terms of sales. How much have these quarter liters earned for Bajaj/KTM…

Bajaj and KTM decided to launch their new brand Husqvarna in India and it started with the 250 duo first. It also brought in the Dominar 250 to strengthen its portfolio. It has been some time now that the new Swedish brand and the quarter liter sports cruiser are in the market and let us then talk about their performance in the market – against sibling 250 Duke.

250 Duke vs Dominar 250 vs Husqvarna 250 Sales

250 Duke8222 units
Svartpilen 250 + Vitpilen 2506097 units
Dominar 2509793 units

Quick Pointers

  • These sales are from June 2020 to March 2021 as we lost two months due to the nationwide lockdown.
  • Despite being a new brand in the market, the Husqvarna duo was fairly close to the very established 250 Duke.
  • Overall 2125 units separated the two brands.
  • On the other hand, we must give it to 250 Duke as well because despite being Rs 20,000 costlier than the Huskys, it has managed to be in the lead.
250 Duke vs Dominar 250 vs Husqvarna 250
  • Dominar 250 is the most affordable among these quarter liters and it is the largest seller as well.
  • From the company perspective, it will be happy that with the addition of the new brand (motorcycles) its overall sales in this price range are seeing increments.
  • In terms of revenue, Duke earned 181.70 crore, Husqvarna got 121.33 crores whereas the Dominar got them sales of 167.46 crores. These are just representative figures by simply multiplying the number of units sold with the current ex-showroom prices.

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250 Duke vs Dominar 250 vs Husqvarna 250
Dominar 250 was the largest selling quarter liter model in this list…

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Combined sales of all these quarter liters stood at 24,112 units and combined revenue stood at approx 470 crores.