2024 Yamaha MT15 Launched With Two Fresh Updates

2024 Yamaha MT15 now comes in a fresher color palette along with a feature addition to the deluxe trim. Here are the details…

Yamaha currently sells two models on that brilliant 155 platform – the extremely popular R15 and its Streetfighter sibling MT15, which is also doing great sales for the Jap. In order to freshen up the line-up Yamaha has introduced minor updates to the MT15 portfolio.

2024 Yamaha MT15 Updates

  • The Streetfighter now gets a new Cyber Green color to the palette.
  • The Cyan Storm has also been refreshed.
  • Yamaha has also added Hazard function to the premium DLX trim of the MT15

The new Cyber Green MT15 (pictured above) looks beautiful in that matte grey body which has been accentuated by the usage of neon green shade on the alloy wheels and there are a few dashes of the same contrast color on the body. On the other hand the Cyan Storm (pictured below) also comes in a grey colored body with Cyan alloys and sticker work, and it also gets a Cyan colored headlamp, which makes the bike look extremely flashy.

2024 Yamaha mt15

Yamaha MT15 Portfolio

Slowly, Yamaha has created a complete portfolio of the MT15 in India. The model is available in two variants – standard and deluxe. The standard variant comes in basic color tones of Metallic Black and Dark Matte Blue. The deluxe, on the other hand, gets premium dual tone color shades of Metallic Black (with red alloys), Racing blue (with blue alloys), Ice Fluo-Vermillion (with red alloys) and the new Cyber Green as well as Cyan Storm.

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Apart from the livery, the DLX variants also get the Y-Connect feature as well as an LED flasher.

2024 Yamaha MT15 Price

MT15 StdRs 1,68,000
MT15 DLXRs 1,72,700
*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

So, as you can see, the price difference between the two variants is Rs 4700 which is majorly for the added smartphone pairability on the DLX trim.

Rest of the motorcycle remains unchanged and it continues with the same engine as well as feature set.