TEASED: 2024 Pulsar NS200 Getting LED Headlamp &…

2024 Pulsar NS200 will get a set of new, interesting features as the recent teaser has revealed. Launch should be very soon…

So, if Bajaj lent the Pulsar NS200 the biggest-ever update last year with USDs and other stuff, the streetfighter is all set to receive another bout of features – to make the motorcycle more in sync with today’s times.

Bajaj has, yet again, teased a naked motorcycle on its social that looks like the upcoming Pulsar NS200. And from what we see, the NS is getting a face refresh with lightening-shaped DRLs on the side of a headlamp which appears to have LEDs. It will be the first time that the Pulsar NS200 will get a fresh headlamp design ever since its introduction around 12 years ago.

Aside that the other big change that we notice is the digital instrument cluster that has clear resemblance with the newly launched Pulsar N160. It will be a full digital console with Smartphone pairability via Bluetooth that will give it features like call and SMS alerts, notifications and turn-by-turn navigation, etc. Another new bit that we can sneak in the teaser is the LED side blinkers.

2024 pulsar ns200

It must be noted that last year the NS200 received USDs and weight savings and with the upcoming changes, the NS200 will definitely become a lot more relevant than before – specially among the current crop of modern rivals. It should also be pointed out that no other direct competitor has NS200-like technically advanced engine that produces phenomenal power and comes with liquid cooling, still!

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Bajaj is expected to throw in one or two new colors to the palette as well to present the new model as a refreshed overall offering. What will be interesting to see is how will Bajaj go about with the 2024 Pulsar NS200’s price as it is already on the brink of that Rs 1.50 Lakh mark (Rs 1,49,363) ex-showroom. Launch should be in the coming few days…

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