Ahead of Launch Tomorrow 2024 Pulsar N250 Teased

2024 Pulsar 250 launch scheduled for tomorrow. Ahead of that a teaser video reveals and confirms few bits the upcoming motorcycle is getting…

Although Bajaj has announced its biggest-ever Pulsar that will be launched in the coming few weeks, the biggest-yet Pulsar remains the Pulsar 250. And that is what it is updating this month.

The upcoming 2024 Pulsar N250 has been teased in a quick video. It reveals three things – that the upcoming model is getting USDs, return of more colors and there are changes to the instrument cluster as well. The USDs are the same silver-grey color as the Pulsar NS200. It will be interesting to see how will they be tuned as the NS200 is more for sportier riding whereas the N250 is tuned for more utility – in relative terms.

The instrumentation is expected to be shared with the rest of the Pulsar line-up as well and it will definitely get the connectivity feature which will allow for smartphone pairability and the related features that are associated with it, including turn-by-turn navigation.

Interestingly, the website lists the curret N250 in only the black color. The teaser reveals that at least the red color is making a comeback and I am sure there will be more colors on offer and it may get new graphics as well.

2024 Pulsar 250 launch

This is about the three features that are visible in the teaser, however, there will be many more updates the 2024 model will come with.

There are reports that the new quarter liter Pulsar will also get more features and Bajaj may even throw in traction control as well. I do not expect any major changes to the engine, its tune or other mechanicals.

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The 2024 Pulsar 250’s launch as well as its media ride is scheduled for tomorrow (10th April) in Delhi. I will definitely share more details from the ride on our social channels. Till that time, you can watch our first ride review of the Pulsar 250 from its debut below..