BREAKING: Bigger Jawa 350 Launched; Gets Major Power DROP!

New Jawa 350 power output is almost 5 PS down than the smaller version. And the price hike is also on the higher side…

Just as we reported couple of days back, Classic Legends has officially announced the launch of its new Jawa 350 in the Indian market. You may think that it is just like the 42 Bobber and Perak – a bigger version of the existing 293cc version.

Yes, it does get the same 334cc version of the liquid cooled motor however, there are major changes to the tune of the motor. The bigger Jawa 350 produces 22.5 PS of peak power and a 28.2 Nm of max torque. This is a big drop from 30.64 PS of the Perak and 29.92 PS of the 42 Bobber. Not that this has resulted in some kind of gain to the torque. The torque is also down from 32.74 Nm of the Bobber siblings.

Not only this, the power that the bigger Jawa 350 churns is almost 5 PS lesser than even the Jawa 300! In fact, the torque is also just 1 odd Nm higher. The only clarification given by the company in the press note is that the ‘new engine is tuned for the Jawa way of power and torque delivery’. Now make whatever you want to out of this statement.

jawa 350 power

In terms of features the Jawa 350 comes with assist and slipper clutch, dual channel ABS from Continental and fatter tyres. It seems that the company has made the wheelbase taller as well as longer and you also get a high 178 mm ground clearance with the motorcycle.

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Jawa 350 Price

Jawa 350Rs 2,14,950

Another bit of a surprise comes in the form of this price mentioned above. The Jawa 350 becomes the costliest motorcycle in the portfolio over the Perak. It is about Rs 34,000 costlier than the smaller Jawa single channel ABS and roughly 15,000 higher than the dual channel ABS trim.

To bring a wee bit of freshness to the portfolio, the Jawa 350 comes with a new Mystique Orange color shade that goes along with the existing Maroon and Black tones.