Pulsar 220 Coming Back!

2023 Pulsar 220 launch can be expected anytime soon at a price tag between Rs 1.35-1.40 Lac. Is this a good news or bad…?

The Pulsar 220 was the largest selling big Pulsar in Bajaj’s line-up but it was also one of the oldest product in the line-up. The Pulsar 220 was introduced back in 2007 as a fuel injected model and two years later, in 2009, it got a bump in power, a carburetor and a big slash in prices! Ever since then there has been no looking back!

For all these years the model has continued absolutely unchanged apart from some minor nips and tucks! New generation Pulsar was introduced recently with a clear goal of transforming the complete platform. Gradually, the Pune based major forcefully phased out high selling models, to create space for their replacement new-gen variants – and that included the Pulsar 220 as well. However, the transition doesn’t seem to be happening, yet again!

The Pulsar 220, after being off the market for a few months, is coming back and it is no more a speculation. The new model has been spotted at various dealerships and there are new brochures of the semi-faired motorcycle online.

pulsar 220 launch

This means that Bajaj is bringing the Pulsar 220 back into the market and it is coming at a time when OBD-2 norms kick in (from April 2023). The 2023 220 should then be OBD-2 compliant to be able to retail after the mentioned deadline.

What we see in pics is the exact same motorcycle that was discontinued and the graphics also appear to be very similar. The engine will definitely be the same 220cc motor churning about similar power and torque numbers.

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Launch should happen anytime soon and many dealers are already taking bookings. Pricing is expected to be around that 1.35-1.40 Lac mark, just under the naked Pulsar 250.

While this may be good news for some Pulsar enthusiasts, the same can not be said about the company!