Upcoming 2023 Karizma Headlamp Design Revealed First Time

2023 Karizma XMR launch in the coming few days. It will one of the biggest motorcycle re-introduction in the Indian market..

Hero is building up a lot of hype of the new Karizma XMR that has been announced to come on 20th August 2023 in India. And why not, apart from a little mishap in 2014, Karizma has been a legendary moniker. The older Karizmas were beautiful machines and definitely the look-upto motorcycles of that generation.

So far, we have seen the side profile of the upcoming Karizma and it looked really good. For the first time, the headlamp of the motorcycle has been revealed by the company itself in a new teaser posted on social media.

The sides are flanked by boomerang shaped LED DRLs whereas there are four different slots for headlamps – 2 for the low beam and 2 for the upper beam, probably. It is a joint unit and not split like the older R15s. The short teaser video has been shot from very close up and we aren’t sure how will it look in production. This will be known only when we have a good, clear view of the motorcycle.

Apart from this, from another teaser video the signature yellow color has also been confirmed and in fact, Hero may use it as the main highlighting livery.

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2023 karizma xmr launch
Popular yellow color of the older Karizma R

The new Karizma will come with a near 210cc engine which is definitely expected to churn higher power output than the existing 200cc mill of the Xpulse. It may also sport liquid cooling and other tech and be sportier – to justify the Karizma moniker. It could produce around 25 PS of peak power – around the same ballpark of the Pulsar RS200 – which it will rival.

And then, prices are also expected to be closer to the Bajaj – probably between Rs 1.60 Lac to Rs 1.70 Lac, just undercutting it (RS200 costs Rs 1.72 Lac). The last time Hero took matters in its own hands, things went awry with Karizmas, what are your expectations this time..?