Hero Developing Motorcycle Based on Harley X440; Launch This Fiscal

Hero 440 launch planned by March 2024. It will be very different from the Harley Davidson X440 & may be a naked…

The Harley Davidson X440, that has been launched at very competitive prices, has completely been made locally by Hero MotoCorp in India, with obvious inputs from the American brand. This partnership gives Harley a maker which has insane amount of experience in low cost manufacturing. For Hero, it gains a lot of technical expertise in making bigger, mid capacity motorcycles. So far, the biggest motorcycle it sells is the Xpulse (and others) that has a displacement of 200cc.

Now that the platform is ready, there will definitely be more motorcycles that will be launched under Harley Davidson’s brand. All of them are expected to be around the theme of classics (or retro type ADVs) – a segment in which Royal Enfield dominates.

hero 440 launch
Showcased on this page is the XF3R concept that Hero showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. Will Hero use this styling for its 440…?

Besides this, it is natural to expect Hero MotoCorp’s versions on this platform. And it is indeed developing one details of which are reported by Autocar. According to the source, Hero’s motorcycle on this platform may not be a roadster and instead may follow the naked streetfighter styling. It could be more modern looking with higher number of features.

The recently launched Harley X440 is made by Hero in India. Hero’s version will be based on this same platform according to the report.

There are rumors that right from the sound to even the capacity could be changed to show as little resemblance with X440 as possible. It should be noted that Hero holds the exclusive right to distribute Harley branded motorcycles in India. It has planned to sell the X440 from some company (Hero) branded showrooms as well (apart from exclusive Harley showrooms) that will be premiumised and the number increased in the months to come.

The Hero’s 440 (let us call it that for the moment), along with the bigger Xpulse and other premium motorcycles that are under development, will also be retailed through this format – besides the Harley X440. The launch of the Hero 440, according to the source, is planned within this financial year, which means we could have the bike by or before March 2024!

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