LEAKED: New Karizma Revealed; Hero’s Sportiest Bike Ever

Uncamouflaged 2023 Karizma pics have surfaced on the internet revealing the design of the upcoming motorcycle from Hero. This will be its sportiest bike ever…

Hero MotoCorp may have showcased some insane looking concepts in the last few Auto Expos, but none of it has ever made it to production. All of that is about to change with the new Karizma!

It is well known that Karizma is making a comeback and here we have the first uncamouflaged pics of the motorcycle. These are coming from the dealer showcase of the motorcycle and from the single side-angle pics that we have it looks gorgeous! We hope the front profile of the motorcycle is as good and not dramatic like the 2014 Karizmas!

This upcoming model, that will be called as Karizma XMR, will mark the return of the Karizma moniker that was once known for its sportiness, durability and long distance comfort. Unlike last times, there appears to be a single model with a full fairing. Other sporty features that we notice are aggressive looking headlamp, raised fuel tank, flowing tail and split seats along with a stubby exhaust.

The clip-ons do not appear to be very low-set which means the new Karizma may continue to be offered as a sports tourer and not a supersport-kind! The motorcycle is equipped with dual petal discs and most probably it will come with a dual channel ABS system.

2023 karizma pics
Hero chairman Pawan Munjal is seen here unveiling the 2023 Karizma XMR to dealers

Not a lot is known about the new Karizma’s engine but there are strong rumors that it will come with a 210cc, liquid cooled motor with impressive power and torque numbers. How impressive? Nobody knows yet! But considering that Hero intends to make a mark with its Karizma, they should be good.

Apart from the not-so-aggressive riding posture, another practicality trait that we notice is the presence of the main stand, that is generally omitted on sports-oriented motorcycles.

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Considering that Hero has already showcased the new Karizma to its dealers, it is abundantly clear that everything – including the design, specs, feature list etc have been frozen and the model is good to go to production. This also means that we can expect the motorcycle to be launched in the Indian market very soon – most probably in the coming month or two!

The question, then, is – will the Karizma reclaim its crown…?

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