USER REVIEW: 2021 BMW G310GS BS6: Problems, Mileage, Experience

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The BMW G310 GS has always been an intriguing package held off mainly by the pricing. So, when BMW Motorrad India decided to cut down the pricing of the 310s (in BS6) by a significant margin the market responded positively. So well that the manufacturer couldn’t meet up demand, thus making customers wait for months. BMW Motorrad proved that above all pricing is the key to success of a product in India.

RC390 Rider Booked G310 GS

Me who was looking for a comfortable machine with adequate performance decided to jump into the bandwagon and booked myself the 310GS. For someone who used an RC390 for the past few years maybe it’s a downgrade in terms of performance but still I wanted something to ride the distance with a pillion and I am very happy with my choice and have managed to clock around 5000km till date.

The look of the GS, specially with the revised paint scheme, and headlights is really something to talk about. It definitely looks and feels like a much bigger bike and wouldn’t look out of place even with company like the Triumph Tiger. The bike definitely turns heads and grabs attention wherever you take it mainly because of the badge value and due to being a rarer machine compared to something like a KTM.

The build quality is also commendable and it is easily one of the best built bikes at this price range. But that is up until you get to inspect an RR310. The Apache comes mostly of the same components resulting in similar build quality and even more features. When you have decided to buy the GS, you are essentially buying into the brand that is BMW. So it’s not worth comparing the GS with Apache but you can’t deny the fact that the Apache is serious value and an excellent bike.

When it comes to performance, there is nothing fancy to talk about. Don’t expect the kick you get from a KTM but still you are faster than most bikes on the road with an elegance to it. Performance is linear with good midrange grunt. You could cruise easily at around 100kmph all day long and that is right what is needed for an adventure tourer.

A thing that all reviewers complain about the 310’s is vibration and yes there are minor vibrations that creep in towards the tank and foot pegs, but trust me the vibrations are far from discomforting and I have managed 250 km stints at one go with ease.

BMW G310GS BS6 review

BMW G310GS Fuel Efficiency

Also a thing to be noted is that the bike runs on mineral oil up until first service and then goes to fully synthetic. You will notice a significant improvement in refinement after the first service. A similar case can be seen with the mileage too. Initially I was a bit sad with the fact that the bike returned only around 25kmpl when my RC390 could do around 30kmpl. But as the odo clicked forward the bike has improved and now I am getting around 35kmpl maintaining 90-100kmph at highways.

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The bike comes with Michelin Tourance Tyres ensuring very good grip on road and on light trails that I’ve taken the bike to. Also the brakes are Bybre with steel braided lines and they ensure good stopping power but first time adventure tourer riders be prepared to live with the nose dive under braking. The suspension, which is the trump card of the bike, is exceptional and the most comfortable one you could get at this price range. Seriously it glides through all surfaces and you will forget the habit of braking on seeing speed breakers and pot holes. It is that good.

BMW G310GS BS6 review

BMW G310 GS Problems

Before buying the bike I had referred to many reviews and forums from which I could learn that almost 70% of all BS4 owners have reported battery or alternator related issue. I frankly disregarded them hoping that things would be sorted out in the BS6 version. But within 3 months my bike started showing trouble in starting and I had my battery and starter motor replaced under warranty. Hope this issue is sorted in the new batches of bikes.

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G310 GS Service & Warranty

The thing is that BMW Motorrad has high expectations and faith in the bikes quality that they have provided 3 years unlimited km warranty and for a 15k you can upgrade it to 5 years unlimited km which is great. The service cost may seem very high at first but considering the fact that service intervals are at every 10k kms and the whole BMW brand thing, the price can be justified.

BMW G310GS BS6 review

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So all things considered the BMW G310GS is an amazing all round package and is definitely worth it for someone who is looking for an adventure tourer with finesse in the Rs 3-5 lakh price bracket.


Rahul Babu