2020 Star City+ BS6 Review – The Handsome City Gadabout

Star City+ BS6 Review – Pics

Look at that. These are perfect proportions for an entry level motorcycle. For records, it weighs 116 kg
The motor is sprightly in the initial, usable rpms. It behaves very well even at higher rpms
star city+ bs6 review
This is the big change – the face. The horizontally split headlamp now sports LEDs for both high beam and low beam.
Here is the headlamp with low beam on…
Here it is with both the beams ON…
Here is the throw from the low beam – a significant improvement over the conventional 35 watt bulbs…
star city+ bs6 review
Here is the throw with both beams ON. As you can see the high beam is set to a ‘lower’ position by default and does not throw at a longer distance. This was the case while in motion on the highway as well that I was unable to see a longer part of the road ahead. I believe this may get sorted by adjusting the beam slightly higher…
The fixed front footpegs and the conventional heel & toe shifter – trademark commuter setup… It has a ground clearance of 180 mm.
From the rider’s view. Again the typical, commuterish fuel cap.
star city+ bs6 review
The keyhole is still slanted and I still have no clue – WHY….
Like other commuters the suspension is set on the softer side. The rear can be adjusted for 5 different load settings.
star city+ bs6 review
The instrument cluster remains very similar to what it was in 2014 – pretty neat. The Economy and Power modes work solely on the position of the throttle and have no deep logic to it.
Clear-lens side blinkers – they are not very flexible.
The Rear View Mirrors are pretty impressive and I will go on to claim that they provide a better view of what’s happening behind than, say, a Dominar!
star city+ bs6 review
They also get this dual tone treatment in the latest update..
I have always liked the switchgear and its overall plastic quality – it also looks premium with well finished buttons…
Except this one – the pass switch which could have been slightly bigger.
star city+ bs6 review
My camera lost focus but here is the left side switchgear….
These contours and creases have been around for a while. But they still do not look dated.
star city+ bs6 review
The cover provided by the dealership hides the dualtone seat of the motorcycle.
star city+ bs6 review
3D logos – add to the premiumness of the motorcycle…
There is a mobile charger near the instrument console. It gets a neat cover which should save from seeping waters.
Alloys are plane-jane. Drum brakes are mediocre, tyres are decent – like any other bike in this segment. No option of discs..
star city+ bs6 review
Finally the complete motorcycle in one frame…
One more…
star city+ bs6 review
Star City is a handsome looking commuter motorcycle which is very practical and comfortable for both in-city urban use and for rural buyers. With fuel injection, it has become slightly more responsive and frugal as well.