2020 Star City+ BS6 Review – The Handsome City Gadabout


The seating posture is pretty upright but the seat is, as it was in 2014, probably a wee bit too soft to my liking. However, the comfort levels on the motorcycle are pretty impressive. In fact, so much so, that in a small highway ride of around 100-120 km roundtrip, the Star City rider was happier than the accompanying Dominar 400 rider. That Star City rider was me 🙂


From a conventional 35 watt bulb setup, the new Star City has moved to a 67 percent more energy efficient, split 11 watt LED headlamp. TVS claims this is the first in segment and offers three times more brightness. Along with that it also has a much wider throw and does not dim out at low revs. All of this means that your night rides will be safer, better. Though I was fairly convinced with the low beam and its illumination, the high beam was not very helpful. It probably needed a little raise of the angle to ensure I get to see the further part of the road. I have discussed this with pics in the pictorial view of the motorcycle towards the end.

Then there is a USB charger just beside the instrument console and a 4 Ah maintenance free battery to take care of all the electricals in the bike.

Tyres & Braking

The motorcycle continues to be equipped with conventional sized TVS DuraGrip tyres which offer as good (or bad) a grip as any other motorcycle in this segment. Braking is mediocre at best! The drum brake set-up always disappoints. I understand that is because of the cost factor, however, I would still suggest TVS to offer a disc brake version.

But TVS already has an answer for that – buyers can consider Victor if disc brake is a mandate for them; logical I would say!

Star City+ BS6 Review – Verdict

Star City+ has been a very balanced bike from day one. It is not extravagant and with the latest updates mandated because of emission compliance, specially fuel injection, it has become even better. As a package, TVS has also thrown in a few cosmetic enhancements to make the bike look fresher.

At a price of roughly Rs 63,000 ex-showroom Delhi, it has become costlier by approx 50 percent since 2014 but it is the same story with every other bike as well. In current times, it is around the similar bracket as most of its rivals like the Splendor iSmart, CD110 Dream and others.

star city+ bs6 review

What you get by paying this amount is a well-rounded bike which looks good, offers a pretty impressive fuel economy and has a very comfortable ride. Strictly considering the requirements of this segment and what the new Star City+ has on offer, I would give it a healthy 8.

Some Finer Points

  • You will get five free services with the motorcycle but the sad part is that they will get over within 12 months or 12,000 km.
  • After the first two services, TVS has kept 2500-3000 km (or three month) service intervals which are ridiculously low. But this, again, is a strategy most of the other makers have also adopted.
  • Fuel tank capacity of the motorcycle is 10 liters which means we can expect a range of 600-650 km in a full tank.
  • Engine oil capacity is 1 liter and recommended grade is 10W 30.


  • Refined engine with good low-end power
  • Extremely commuter friendly
  • Very comfortable


  • Upper beam not very useful in our unit (could be a setting issue)
  • Is costly now (this will go with every entry level motorcycle now)
  • Braking inadequate; No disc brake option

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